Gas Lanterns

Manufactured in America by a team of gifted craftsmen, these lanterns are sold exclusively through a selected dealer network, in which we are fortunate enough to be included. They are crafted with homeowners in mind, allowing you to operate them with a light switch or any other supported device.

Built-In iPads

Each home comes with an iPad pre-wired with access to all your home automation items and settings. Magnetically wall mounted in a central location, it has removal for portability, or allows you the flexibility of rotating the device 360 degrees, locking at predetermined break points.

Knotty Adler Wood Doors

Known for its character, Knotty Adler have uniquely shaped knots accompany figured grain patterns that are normally found in expensive hardwoods. Alder has excellent finishing qualities and can be stained to complement many design themes or finished clear to exhibit its natural beauty.

Low-E SC Double Pane Windows

All windows are equipped with high-performance Low-E glass that helps reduce energy loss, thereby increasing your home’s comfort while decreasing your utility costs. It meets specific solar and energy control needs for different climates and geographic regions nationwide, and protects valuables from sun damage far better than conventional clear glass.

Jenn-Air Appliances

Jenn-Air makes luxury kitchen appliances known for their sophisticated design, innovative technology and exceptional performance. From professional-style ranges, to stylish built-in refrigerators, Jenn-Air offers the finest quality appliances and unprecedented performance as you cook and entertain.

Gas & Water Balcony Connections

We understand the value of utilizing every aspect of your home, down to the outdoor space. Every lifetime home has at least one large balcony containing a conveniently located gas connection for grilling. Each balcony also includes a water bib for watering plants and washing balconies without the aggravation of throwing pipes up the side of the house.

Security Cameras

Each of our homes are built with an IP camera, which captures detailed video in a wide variety of lighting conditions. These cameras give you the freedom to watch your doorstep from anywhere in the world on any device. Additionally, our homeowners are given the option for an automated outer door lock from our pre-installed iPads.

Rain Shower

A rain shower is a standard, as well as the basic shower head in all master bathrooms.